Sales Leadership Accelerator

Every sales team needs a fearless leader to help conquer challenges and embrace new opportunities. Effective sales leadership is crucial for a sales team’s success as it provides direction, motivation, and unwavering support, empowering sales representatives to navigate the sales process effectively, achieve ambitious targets, and contribute significantly to the overall growth of the organization.

Greg Donlan
Greg Donlan
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Outline of the actions

Our Sales Leadership Accelerator will guide you through the process of establishing clear and measurable sales targets for each member of your team. By analysing the current behaviours of your team you’ll develop strategies to foster a culture of collaboration, motivation and accountability.

What you’ll takeaway
  • You’ll uncover the behaviours and actions that consistently lead to success in achieving sales targets. 
  • You’ll identify the strengths and areas for improvement within your team.
  • You’ll craft a robust coaching plan tailored to each individual, empowering them to reach their full potential and drive business growth.
Who will benefit
  • Sales managers: Develop your leadership skills, learn how to motivate and inspire your team, and create a culture of high performance.
  • Sales representatives: Gain valuable insights into what’s required to be a sales leader if you’re looking to transition into one.
  • Small business owners: Discover how to create a sales strategy, create a sales pipeline, and measure sales performance.

Below is a snapshot of the 5 actions you’ll take in the Sales Leadership Accelerator.


Create a focus for your sales team and define their targets


Turn 3 goals from your sales plan into lead indicators


Observe one of your sales rep’s behaviours in a sales conversation or process


Create a coaching plan for one of your sales rep’s


Plan out a session to use in your coaching plan