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Greg Donlan

Director of The Sales Coach

Learn and embrace the innovative sales methodology.

Greg Donlan

About the expert

Greg is a seasoned sales strategist, trainer, and keynote speaker with an unparalleled track record of success in the ever-evolving world of sales. Renowned for his expertise in building robust sales processes, crafting compelling conference presentations, and delivering impactful training workshops, Greg has empowered countless businesses and individuals to achieve their sales goals and exceed expectations.

Greg’s passion for sales extends beyond the realm of traditional training and coaching. He actively engages with CEOs of SMEs, providing them with strategic guidance and practical tools to develop and implement effective sales and negotiation systems that

Greg’s expertise extends to a wide range of sales-related disciplines, including:

  • Building sales processes
  • Conference presentations
  • Training workshops
  • Online sales training
  • Interview coaching for sales roles
  • Developing winning tender tactics
  • Creating persuasive sales proposals