Sales Process Accelerator

Sales are the growth engine for businesses. While an ad hoc approach to sales can work in the early stages, having a precise and repeatable process is an important leap forward to accelerate growth. A well-defined sales process provides structure, consistency, and accountability, leading to increased sales productivity, shorter sales cycles, and higher customer satisfaction.

Greg Donlan
Greg Donlan
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Outline of the actions

Create efficiency in your sales funnel with our Sales Process Accelerator, a step-by-step guide to crafting a B2B sales process that boosts conversions and propels growth. You’ll define your sales cycle duration, identify crucial sales interactions and build key activities into each interaction.

What you’ll takeaway
  • You’ll craft a sales process tailored to your business’s unique needs and goals.
  • You’ll develop a comprehensive one-pager that serves as a coaching guide for your sales team, empowering them to initiate more sales conversations and drive business growth.
  • You’ll implement effective tactics to keep leads engaged and nurture relationships between sales touchpoints, ensuring a seamless customer journey.
Who will benefit
  • Sales managers: Develop and implement a sales process that drives efficiency and results to empower your team’s success.
  • Sales representatives: Gain valuable insights into how to identify and qualify leads, build relationships with customers, and close deals effectively.
  • Small business owners: Discover how to create a sales process that aligns with your business goals and helps you achieve sustainable growth.

Below is a snapshot of the 5 actions you’ll take in the Sales Process Accelerator.


Define a reasonable time frame for your sales process


Pick the important sales interactions in your process and decide their purpose


Build out the key activities in each sales interaction


Plan how you’ll maintain a connection with your prospects in between meetings


Build out one of your education pieces from Action 4