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Give your business fuel
to flourish

Say goodbye to information overload.

Our dynamic online development programs equip you or your team to complete tasks
that’ll unlock business potential.

The power of taking action

Traditional learning courses may equip you with the necessary information, but they often fall short when it comes to helping you to put that knowledge into practice.

Accelerators combine knowledge with taking action to help business professionals progress toward their goals.

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Get the most critical information you need to know without being overwhelmed with excessive content.

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Follow guided action plans that have turned this critical information into steps to help you succeed in your roles.

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By completing these actions, you’ll make progress on your business goals and develop long term skills.

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Accelerators are different to traditional training

Each Accelerator is broken down into 5 simple actions of 20 minutes each. This is intentional and aims to build momentum, moving you towards your business goals in increments. Plus, our programs are led by industry experts with decades of experience, ensuring your team receives the highest quality guidance as possible.

Relevant and concise information

Short videos from industry experts

Guided 20 minute action plan

Traditional Training

There’s a sea of information out there, knowing where to start can be difficult.

You’re a busy professional! Development can be a large commitment.

Traditional training programs may get you halfway, but often won’t show you how to practically apply what you’ve learnt.


Targeted information combined with taking actions that’ll lead to progress, not generalised or unrelated content.

Driven by videos and guides created by experts, not hours of reading and note taking.

Designed to help you easily introduce new processes into your business, and to continually improve how you work.

Prioritise reading less, but doing more.


People retain 5% of information when they hear it.


People retain 10% of information when they read it.


People retain 75% of information when they practise it.

Source: National Training Laboratories. The Learning Pyramid: National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine.

Accelerate in 3 core areas.

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Sales and Marketing

Find out who you should be selling to

Develop the skills and processes to increase sales

Set the foundations of a powerful social media presence

People and Performance icon

People and Performance

Create role definition

Design a high-performing culture in your team

Put a remuneration strategy and salary review process in place

Strategy and Goal Setting icon

Strategy and Goal Setting

Set the right goals with a long-term focus

Position your company against external forces

Start managing your personal cyber security risk

Accelerator completion is over 4x the completion rate for traditional online courses.

Source: Association for Talent Development. (2019). Experiential Learning: A Comprehensive Guide.

Invest in your business goals

Improve performance

Investing in your or your team’s skills development can improve performance, productivity and efficiency, leading to better outcomes for your business and increased job satisfaction.

Attract and retain top talent

Offering development opportunities to your team demonstrates that you value their growth, improves retention of top talent, and reduces employee turnover costs.

Build a competitive advantage

Continuous improvement is crucial to stay competitive. It helps you and your team innovate, and your business to stay relevant and ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing business landscape.

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