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The BLD|ACDMY Sales Accelerator is not just another online learning program, it allows for individual learning while giving a feel of one-on-one! The Accelerator flows well and is easy to insert into your busy working schedule with 20 minutes of actionable learning per day.

The Sales Accelerator makes you stop and think about the assumptions you make and recalibrates and reassesses the way you go about things. The knowledge you gain is applied immediately with an action that embeds the learning providing value with each step.

I have coached a lot of people in sales and find many do not take a formal approach to selling. I recommend you try the accelerator with an open mind to reset your sales program placing it on firm foundations.

Harvey Martin

Master Coach and Mentor to CEOs, Managing Directors, Business Owners, Senior Executives and Peer Advisory Boards


I thoroughly enjoyed the logical 5-step progression of the BLD|ACDMY Sales Accelerator. It is insightful and the background for each step really helps to set the scene. This is backed up by short, easy to digest videos which clearly outlined each action making it feel as if l was in the room learning straight from Tony Hughes!

The accelerator was simple to use and quick to complete with the daily steps able to be slotted into any busy workday. Additionally, the tasks were easy to complete independently, I didn’t feel I needed anything else. I would definitely recommend the BLD|ACDMY Sales Accelerator for those who want to improve their sales effectiveness through action-based learning.

Paul Leadbetter

Ecoustic Business Manager, Instyle Interior Finishes


The simple, user friendly process of the BLD|ACDMY Sales Accelerator is fantastic.

The credibility of both Tony and Steph shines bright in the video content, helping to explain the insights and knowledge. This followed by action based activities ensure you immediately apply what you have just learnt.

Additionally, I really enjoyed the reminders to continue my learning. If something is not in my diary it will not get done so having a friendly, non-pushy, reminder definitely helped to accelerate my experience!

Overall, I enjoyed the BLD|ACDMY Accelerator experience and recommend the process for those looking improve their business skills.

Allan Lalic

Co-Founder, Kebloom


The BLD|ACDMY Accelerator model ensures incremental, systematic learning with useful pragmatic steps to apply theory into your own business straight away.

I believe the Accelerators would be a great tool for businesses to utilise for team based learning. Once a business has identified a gap in their teams’ knowledge, the BLD|ACDMY Accelerators could work very effectively as a group challenge or individual learning tool.

Colin Chodos

Director, Corporate Connection Strategies


What I love about the Sales Accelerator is that it takes the plethora of content available on B2B selling and condenses it down into 5 concise, relevant and powerful actions that are easy to digest, and adopt. The snackable videos are punchy enough to watch on repeat as sales teams and individuals build these skills and proficiencies until they become second nature.

My sales and marketing team have been adopters of Tony Hughes prospecting and selling strategies for years, and I can personally vouch for their effectiveness. I’m looking forward to leveraging this program to sharpen our selling skills and further enhance our performance as a team.

Amy Christopher

Director, Marketing and Account Development, Asia Pacific and Japan, Domo