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Liam Daley


Many of us are overwhelmed with the amount we are trying to do in a week. With only 24hrs each day, you’ll achieve more when you use the time on your priorities rather than letting others persuade you to use it on theirs.

Liam Daley

About the expert

Liam’s been helping people learn for over 20 years. This includes designing and delivering programs for a range of adult learners, including leaders of SMEs. This experience taught him much about education and the best ways to progress.

While completing an MBA in Entrepreneurship, Liam worked full-time, launched a start-up, and coached a netball team while juggling parenthood. An eager learner, this experience led Liam to strive to perfect time management.

A creative, relaxed and spontaneous person at heart, Liam has used time management techniques to “get stuff done” and increase productivity. He is now excited to share these key lessons with others following the same path.

  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • Graduate Diploma, Education
  • 17 years experience in adult education
  • Built the statewide leadership academy for TAFE NSW – An organisation of 17,000 employees