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Time Management

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Mastering time management will reduce stress in your life and allow you to reach your goals faster and easier. Sounds good, right?

Outline of actions:

This Accelerator will help you understand the scope of activities, both business and personal, that consume the most amount of your precious time. You’ll learn how to distinguish between those activities that are both important and urgent and those that may be wasting your time.

What You’ll Take Away:

By the end of this Accelerator, you’ll have taken steps to prioritise your time, focusing on those activities that will have the most positive impact and creating techniques to keep you on track with your new productivity.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Any business leader wanting to become more productive.
  • Any business leader seeking to reduce stress.
  • Any business leader looking for a better work/life balance.


For me, the first couple of steps highlighted how much time I had been spending monitoring COVID news. Operating a business that has offices in each state, I had been glued to news, blogs and twitter, a habit that was relevant in the early days of COVID but now takes up almost three hours per day.

By doing the exercises and putting this on paper, it became blindingly obvious that under the new “living with COVID” part of the pandemic I could reallocate this time to something more important. Since completing the Time Management Accelerator I have used those hours on tasks that provide a positive impact such as people management

Shane Darwin

CEO, JB Hunter Technology Pty Ltd


The Time Management Accelerator was a timely reminder to look at what efficiencies I could bring into 2022. When I coupled this with the goal setting for 2022, I found it refocused me. Simple and effective, a good place to start from.

I then thought of how and when I could use this best, and the plain answer appears to be every time I start a new project or take on a new interest or challenge. I need to ensure that I organise my time for best effect.

Tim Coates

Mentor & Coach, TEC Advisory Board Chair, Regional Leaders Program Chair


One of the things I have found difficult over the years as I’ve grown the business is ensuring a balance of personal and business time and I have found this information and sessions very useful

Katrina Hooker

Director, KHID Intuitive Interiors