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Cyber Security

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Too many people have weak cyber security practices because they believe cyber security is an I.T. issue. The truth is the biggest gap is the weak security practices we use every day. The top of this list is extremely weak and re-used passwords. Join Ross to learn more about this Accelerator.

Outline of actions:

This Accelerator will help you take the foundational steps to identify and secure your most critical data. It will help you understand the gaps in the systems that make you vulnerable to a cyber attack.

You’ll learn the key next steps to recover your information if the unthinkable happens.

What You’ll Take Away:

Being cyber aware is a ‘must have’ for all businesses and individuals. Our Cyber Security Accelerator will give 5 actions to help your business secure critical information stored in cyberspaces.

Ross Sardi is a leading expert, guiding you through our Accelerator to help identify any security risks in your systems and give you tools to help you manage any cyber threats.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Any business of any size.
  • CEOs and business owners.
  • Departmental heads.
  • Individuals looking to protect their private information.