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Sales Skills

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Successful sales are the growth engine for businesses. Our simple yet effective Sales Accelerator contains five actions designed to be completed over five days.

Developed in partnership with sales expert Tony Hughes, the game-changing Sales Accelerator drives turning your passion into profit. Check out an overview of our program here, with Tony Hughes and Stephanie Christopher, our Managing Director.

Outline of actions:

The Sales Skills Accelerator will take you through 5 steps to increase your chances of converting your sales. It starts with clearly understanding the different people involved in the sale from the client side and what they’re looking for from you.

We’ll guide you as you build a message about your product/service that will firmly land with your customers and then help you build a plan to have successful conversations that will lead to a sale.

Check out an overview of our program here, with Tony Hughes and Stephanie Christopher, our Managing Director.

What You’ll Take Away:

You’ll finish the Sales Skills Accelerator with a refined way of talking about your product/service and your business that is truly relevant to your potential customers. You’ll also have created a list of killer questions that you know will help you close the sale. 

Who Will Benefit:

  • Any business leader looking to increase their sales effectiveness.
  • Any business leader looking to close more deals.
  • Someone new to sales.
  • Someone who doesn’t see themselves as a traditional salesperson but is responsible for bringing in business. E.g., a partner in a law firm.


What I love about the Sales Accelerator is that it takes the plethora of content available on B2B selling and condenses it down into 5 concise, relevant and powerful actions that are easy to digest, and adopt. The snackable videos are punchy enough to watch on repeat as sales teams and individuals build these skills and proficiencies until they become second nature.

My sales and marketing team have been adopters of Tony Hughes prospecting and selling strategies for years, and I can personally vouch for their effectiveness. I’m looking forward to leveraging this program to sharpen our selling skills and further enhance our performance as a team.

Amy Christopher

Director, Marketing and Account Development, Asia Pacific and Japan, Domo


I thoroughly enjoyed the logical 5-step progression of the BLD|ACDMY Sales Accelerator. It is insightful and the background for each step really helps to set the scene. This is backed up by short, easy to digest videos which clearly outlined each action making it feel as if l was in the room learning straight from Tony Hughes!

The accelerator was simple to use and quick to complete with the daily steps able to be slotted into any busy workday. Additionally, the tasks were easy to complete independently, I didn’t feel I needed anything else. I would definitely recommend the BLD|ACDMY Sales Accelerator for those who want to improve their sales effectiveness through action-based learning.

Paul Leadbetter

Ecoustic Business Manager, Instyle Interior Finishes


The BLD|ACDMY Sales Accelerator is an extremely useful sales tool for upgrading and training in sales skills and techniques.

The program provides easy to use action based exercises, great takeaways at each step and the video presentations are delivered succinctly and thereafter each exercise flows easily onto the next.

I would highly recommend the accelerator for new sales team recruits, existing sales teams and as an excellent tool to up train sales staff on new products or markets

Michael Fitzsimons

Managing Director, Instyle Interior Finishes