Anne-Marie Clark


” It’s amazing what individuals and businesses can achieve when they have clarity on where they are going, what they need to do to get there, and why it matters.”

About Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie works with business owners and leaders who want to take their business to the next level.

  • Assisted over 400 business owners and leaders to set personal, professional and business goals through her Goals and Strategy Program.
  • Studied business strategy and execution at one of the world’s top business schools, INSEAD in France and Singapore
  • 15 years leading large teams through transformational change, delivering turnaround results in the energy and health sectors.
  • Over 9 years experience providing strategy development and execution coaching, business mentoring and leadership development to clients from a range of sectors.


Accelerator with ANNE-MARIE

Goal Setting


Having clear goals for your business provides direction and focus and enables you to make decisions that align to your growth ambitions. Goals are also a great way to maintain motivation.

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