An important part of the sales process is following up and building momentum after delivering a proposal.

The typical “I’m just following up” phone call or email can often do more damage than good. It can be boring, annoying and add little value or momentum to the process.

So how can you follow up after a proposal or an offer while adding value?

If you create a powerful momentum builder that educates and tells people about your business, your people, the systems you will invoke once they’re onboard, they’ll understand more about the company, will be more willing to listen and therefore will be more comfortable with the process.

Idea 1: Short video

Include a short video of a key account manager or customer service representative to give a personal aspect to your follow up. This’ll allow your prospect to feel as though they know the person in the video and create a better connection to your business.

Idea 2: Flow chart 

Sharing a flow chart that explains what’ll happen after they sign will create a higher understanding and help people to feel comfortable about the process. This is an easily attachable value add for your email.

Idea 3: Key account meeting

Hold an example key account meeting to show what the typical agenda for a key account meeting will look like if you come onboard. This will take away the guess work and show them, instead of telling, what your business will offer.

A sales process is a must have and should be used as an everyday coaching and mentoring tool with your team. Build a sales process with Greg Donlan in our Sales Process Accelerator.

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