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Do you know how to avoid these common sales mistakes? – Tony Hughes

Successful sales are the growth engine for businesses. That’s why keeping your sales skills up to scratch is so important!

Our Sales Skills expert, Tony Hughes, sees businesses and salespeople make some common sales mistakes regularly. Here are three examples and some solutions you could use to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Building a message that’s all about you, your business and what you do.

Most buyers aren’t lonely and bored, looking for a new friend in the land of sales. They’re also not typically looking to change and take on more work or risk.

The Solution:

Instead of building a message about you and your business, focus on building a message around how the person you are speaking to can drive improved results in their role. 

Mistake 2: Not knowing or correctly targeting your ideal customer and buyer persona

Not fully understanding the industry, organisation or person you’re selling to means you aren’t clear on your buyer personas. A critical element of the sales process.

The Solution:

Clarify and perfect your ideal customer profile so you can understand and target those buyer personas within the organisations you’re selling to. This’ll allow you to build a narrative on how those individuals can drive improved results.

Mistake 3: Doing enough not to feel guilty but not enough to make progress

The third mistake people often make is doing just enough each day or week to proactively build an opportunity pipeline that can convert revenue rather than doing what it takes to make real progress.

The Solution:

Create the time and space to take action! Set aside time specifically dedicated to building and effectively executing your sales pipeline. There are no excuses when it comes to making progress!

Successful sales are the growth engine for businesses. If you want to avoid these mistakes and improve your sales skills, take action with Tony Hughes in our Sales Skills Accelerator