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What’s your hiring shortlist?

Are you looking to hire your next star employee?

One thing many business leaders miss when hiring is thinking about the diversity of their candidate shortlist. Diverse candidate shortlists are a great way to make sure you hire the right talent and are useful when you need to fill those hard-to-fill roles.

Plus, diverse candidate shortlists help you build thought diversity across your company, a key driver of innovative thinking.

When building your shortlist, let’s add some of the following candidates:

  • Someone who doesn’t have all the experience but has some other unique experiences
  • Someone who has different qualifications to what you’d typically look for
  • Someone who works in a totally different industry sector
  • Someone who doesn’t check every box but checks some interesting other boxes

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Before you begin your shortlist, you need to start the hiring process. The Recruitment Accelerator will take you through 5 actionable steps to develop a clear process for recruiting new, great hires for your business.

Happy hiring!