A man taking a phone call checking on time from his watch

Why time management matters – Liam Daley

We have 24 hours each day, 24 hours to eat, sleep and tick off our to-do list.

Many of us are overwhelmed with how much we try to do in a week. I was one of them. 

While completing an MBA in Entrepreneurship, I worked full-time, launched a start-up, coached a netball team, and juggled parenting. To be able to maintain my sanity, I knew I needed to nail my time management skills.

Why should you invest in your time management skills?

Reduce stress, improve life.

Mastering time management will reduce stress in your life by decluttering and ensuring the most important tasks are taken care of. This allows you to be more productive, regain control of your responsibilities and feel more balanced.

Work/life balance 

Balance is key.

Prioritising things that bring you joy will decrease your chance of mental fatigue. Who knew enjoying your personal life could directly benefit your work life?!

Shortcut towards goals

Being clear about what tasks are most important will allow you to put your time towards what’s really important to you. Time management skills will allow you to rid your to-do list of clutter, leaving a clear path to fast-track you towards your goals.

Quality over quantity

A decluttered life will bring a clearer mind. There will be no need to pull all-nighters to reach a deadline and no rush to the finish line.

There are 5 actions I took to lead me on the right path that I now use to help others improve their time management skills. Join me in the Time Management Accelerator today.