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5 Cringeworthy interviewing practices we need to stop doing

Why are interviews so painful?

It’s 2022, so we should be well past the stage of using 1980’s style interview techniques. Sadly, these approaches still appear to be common practice in the modern-day.

Which old-school interview method would you like to see the end of once and for all? Here are five practices that are definitely outdated from our recruitment expert Viren Thakrar.

Winging it

Winging it may seem like a good way to create a quirky, relaxed, cool atmosphere. But winging an interview creates none of those things.

Candidates know when an interview is being improvised. It’s not always attractive and can reflect poorly on the employer’s brand.

Get some structure in place and plan questions thoughtfully. Remember, structure doesn’t mean the interview has to be done in a boring or serious way.


Interrogations are exciting when you’re watching your favourite crime drama. Interrogations when applying for a new job? Not so much fun.

Stop with the intense barrage of intimidating questions and over-the-top seriousness!

Keep it conversational, put yourself in the candidates’ shoes, and make it a positive experience.  

30-second judgements

Can you tell if someone will be a good hire within 30 seconds of an interview? I don’t think so.

This amazing skill that some hiring managers claim to have isn’t magic. It isn’t clairvoyance. It’s unconscious bias in a not-so-subtle disguise.

This is the not-too-distant cousin of the hiring manager who says, “I can tell by their handshake” … Yuck!

Amateur psychology hour

Reading a pop-psych book back in uni does not mean you should make generalisations about a candidate based on the colour of their socks. Believe it or not, sometimes socks are just socks.

Hoop jumping

Start with a clunky one-hour application. Now add two interviews. Add a couple more as you go along. Then maybe one more for good measure. Add in some testing and now a presentation.

The ever-evolving process seems to be made up as the candidate progresses.

This feeling of not knowing what’s coming next is perfect for a good thriller, not so much for a positive candidate experience.

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