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Ideal customer mistakes you might be making

The first step for any Marketing or Sales campaign is to identify your Ideal Customer. Our Ideal Customer expert Ashton Bishop will take you through 5 simple to follow actions in our Ideal Customer Business Accelerator to ensure you are targeting the right people.

The one-stop shop trap 

“We appeal to everybody as a one-stop shop”.

Trying to capture every person and their needs doesn’t work. No business can cater to every person’s needs, you will end up talking to yourself. You must get focussed, figure out who you’re speaking to, and deliver value that suits them specifically.

The Bevan trap 

People who make this mistake get caught up in very specific personas.

“We are appealing to Bevan. Bevan lives in Paddington and has two dogs, one called Noodles who paints his toenails…”

This has nothing to do with your product or service and is a complete time waster. Beware of digital agencies that try to take you down a persona route that doesn’t help you sell.

The Today Show trap

Going out far and wide by appearing on National TV may sound great, but how much will a one-time appearance achieve? Instead, you need to put your efforts towards your ideal customer. Expose your ideal customer to a relevant message multiple times so it feels personalised and right for them.

Join Ashton Bishop in our Ideal Customer Business Accelerator to hyperfocus your sales and marketing efforts on the right customers.