Over the last 20 years, medicine and science have worked tirelessly on how to deal with neurological diseases causes and cures. As part their studies and research programs, it’s been recognised that the value of keeping your brain active both physically and mentally may reduce the likelihood of problems such as dementia and other more serious neurological illnesses.

Our brain loves to be challenged, it’s beautifully complex and even in today’s abundance of technology we’re still yet to fully understand how our brain works and why every brain is different. 

Some suggest that we only use a small part of our brain; however, that’s difficult to prove given we’re not sure how to measure this type of function but rest assured, we know how amazing the brain is when we see the development of young children and their scope for learning.

Learning kicks off right from the time we take our first breath of life. Our life is all about new experiences and how we manage to incorporate these experiences into our daily lives.

How often have you had an encounter at your place of work which became a learning experience? For some, it’s a daily occurrence such as those who are in a customer service function.  Being a person who wants to learn and improve work skills is a fantastic attribute, it separates us from those who are happy to roll along without wanting to change the status quo. 

Business is about learning and reinventing oneself. Opportunities to improve your skills or embrace a new business function or improve your own small business with some new innovative processes or offerings will push your growth forward. Nowadays, companies want their team to actively participate in external or internal training programs to benefit both the individual and the company.

Adopting a positive attitude to training is an asset that will result in increased self-esteem, self-value and recognition by your peers. Our brains are always seeking out something new, how to do something differently, new experience and of course a feeling of satisfaction from learning and doing something you’ve never done before.

So jump in and challenge yourself with a new learning goal. Your brain will thank you.

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