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I’m Too Busy to Invest Time to Learn…

Have you ever considered how mothers or fathers with a number of children manage to keep ahead of their child’s needs and fit in everything else that needs to be done?

Not every Mum or Dad has the right formula, and some do struggle to keep the engine chugging along on all cylinders, but there are examples of large families firing perfectly. Added to the responsibility of children are the day-to-day activities such as work, housekeeping, sports and other after-school functions, and it’s a 24/7 job.

Our busy schedule often precludes us from taking on other activities, which is particularly evident when it comes to work. The pressures of work and home life mean that our daily hours are gobbled up very quickly, leaving scant time for us to think about anything else, including business training.

Learning is fundamental to our business world. Businesses are changing daily, and for the most part, we must ensure that we are on top of our game as employees or business owners. Spending a decent amount of time to separate yourself from the daily business grind or family responsibilities is necessary for personal and professional development.

Let’s consider how to overcome the “too busy to invest time to learn” cycle. We need to find time, and the process to do this may be a sacrifice of something else that frees up your time to learn. Scheduling is a key element of busy leaders, blocking off a part of the day to afford time for personal development.

If the office (or your remote office) is a busy place, move off-site for a short time and remove yourself from the general daily chaos. Ensure that your team knows not to disturb you when you need to take some time away from your business.

Find educational programs or development programs that suit your time and availability. Taking on something that’s well above the time you can dedicate is pointless and often becomes a failure. Only do what you think you can and ensure your company is aware of this.

Sharpening your skills or learning something new can be a fulfilling period that provides stimulation and enjoyment as you increase your skill set. The business reaps benefits from what you do to better your competency and capabilities.

We know a family of many children, pets and all sorts of other distractions is a major challenge and a valid reason to say, ‘I’m too busy to invest time to learn”, but don’t let that stop you from taking on a manageable program of development since it’s a key factor that adds polish to you as a professional.