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Professional Training – Why do I need it…

Professional training or skill enhancement should never be considered unnecessary in today’s competitive market. In the world of vocations such as medicine, healthcare professionals must undertake continuing education sessions to maintain their skills and critical changes within their chosen disciplines. Not just medicine but also roles such as aviation, education, public transport, and a host of other areas all require people to maintain an up-to-date skill set.

We, at times, become complacent as our job function becomes more familiar and perhaps follows a regular day-to-day engagement process. Understandably, there is a thought process that may suggest training is unnecessary since “what can training teach or tell me that I already know”?.. That is a reasonable question but not necessarily a good question given your role will or has changed, and therefore, expectations of how you approach your job function must also have changed.

Let’s explore this mindset of why training or personal development makes a whole lot of good sense. Firstly, if you consider yourself to have a firm grasp on your job function, have you given any thought to opening up your thinking to new ways of engaging with your job or company to better appreciate your role or future prospects?

Companies, in general, like their staff to generate new ideas or concepts for the purpose of business process improvements. You might even be a sole trader or small company owner looking at ways to do things better, which sometimes gets pushed to the back burner due to other priorities.

Training is all about being on top of your game…

Inspiring to do things differently or improve systems or processes that you currently undertake. Training is about putting a professional shine on your professional skills and giving you an extra edge when it comes to new opportunities or challenges.

It’s a little hackneyed, but people are the greatest asset to companies, and without competently trained and professional individuals driving the business forward, success is often limited.

Training is not about how to teach you what you already know now and how well you do what you do. It’s more of a way to refresh your way of doing things and add that extra layer of professionalism.

If you’ve been in your job for some time and feel things are getting stale, seek out engagement with organisations or individuals who can challenge and offer new perspectives on how you approach your job function. Don’t forget to raise this with your company since it is their obligation to provide you with personal development programs that benefit the company now and in the future.

Now that we have stimulated your mind to the value of training, why not reach out to companies or consultants and have a no-obligation chat about your personal needs or about your business?