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About Ideal Customer Accelerator

Our Accelerator Programs each focus on a core area that will help take a business to the next level. Each Accelerator includes just the right amount of content coupled with actions to take your business to the next level.

Broken down into 5 simple steps of Action of 20 minutes a day for 5 days, immediately inspiring positive momentum and growth.

Our Accelerators are designed with the busy business owner in mind. Each step includes;

  • A concise background to the action.
  • A short easy-to-digest video from our Experts.
  • A guided 20-minute action plan.

Name Of Accelerator.

Focusing your sales and marketing efforts on the customers most likely to purchase your product or service and remain loyal, is a surefire way to enhance your ROI. Join Aston to learn more about this Accelerator.

Accelerator Expert.

Ashton’s spent over 20 years working internationally on some of the world’s biggest brands, running million-dollar campaigns for billion-dollar brands — specialising in Predatory Marketing — pinpointing how brands can grow by outsmarting their competitors. He’s a business owner and serial entrepreneur, always challenging, often controversial, and always focused on what gets results. Join Ashton to learn more about this accelerator.

Outline Of Actions.

This Ideal Customer Accelerator allows you to develop clarity about where you want to take your business and which customers will help you get there.

Instead of trying to sell to anyone and every one, this accelerator will show you how you’ll be more successful when you focus your effort on those customers that are an ideal match with you, your business and your products and services.

What You’ll Take Away

You’ve got a great product or service already, but knowing your ideal customer is critical for all businesses. You’ll move through 5 actions in 5 days to hyper-focus your marketing strategies.

Our expert Ashton Bishop will help you understand what resonates with your ideal customer and how to best appeal to them, ensuring you meet your business goals.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Any business starting to develop a marketing plan
  • Any sales leader looking to set the team in the right direction
  • Any business reviewing their strategy
  • A start-up business deciding where to get started